How do I get sponsored by Turbine? Where do I send in my video?

The team manager sees most everyone that gets sponsored by Turbine in person, or that rider is brought to our attention through a current rider. What Turbine looks for is ability, style and attitude. If you would like to send in a sponsor-me tape/dvd you are encouraged to do so; send it to info@turbineouterwear.com. We receive a lot of tapes/dvds so if you don’t receive a call don’t get discouraged, keep shredding hard and progressing.

How can I send a letter to a Turbine rider?

If you want to send a letter to someone on the team, send it to the Turbine address and we will get it to them. They really appreciate reading your letters.

How can I start selling Turbine at my store?

Call us at 909-444-5999, or info@turbineouterwear.com.

What’s Turbine’s warranty policy?

One year from date of purchase, on any manufactures defects.

What’s your return policy?

Bring to authorized dealer with proof of purchase for returns.

Where are your goods produced?


Where can I find a Turbine Outerwear dealer within the area?

Browse our online catalog, if you see *Buy Now, you can buy directly from an online retailer. If the product is not online, ask your local shop to order it for you. Find a shop in our shop directory.

Where can I get Turbine Outerwear sticker?

Become a fan on facebook and ask.